New Jersey, in the summer of 1992. A prank went wrong between teenagers left Fabrizio Sabatini, an Italian boy who immigrated with his family, semi-paralyzed and whit his dreams of becoming a pilot broken.
Years later, following the death of his mother, Fabrizio’s father neglected his sailboat company, falling into alcohol addiction and debt with loan sharks.
In 2015, Fabrizio battles with his chronic depression, feeling the need to take revenge on the person who ruined his life. He thinks of vengeance against Seth Simmons, but due to a nervous breakdown, he attempts suicide. Fortunately, his sister saves him. When he is at the trauma center he discovers he has cancer.
During the surgery at the hospital, Fabrizio meets other patients who have passed “stage 4” cancer. When he discovers they have each suffered injustices too, he convinces them to join the “stage 5” criminal organization for the common purpose of taking revenge before cancer kills them.
Fabrizio takes control of “stage 5”, so he sends his affiliate Steven Jernigan to kill a judge who denied justice to his family. When he subdues the loan shark, taking all the earnings from his loan business, he realizes they can make easy money to pay off the debts of his family business.
Meanwhile, the loan shark hires an Italian mobster to kill Fabrizio, but he too is forced to submit to “stage 5” organization.
Afterward, Steven betrays Fabrizio making a secret pact with a corrupt judge who took over, after the first judge’s murder. When Fabrizio notices, he kills the unfaithful judge and his daughter, who started a secret relationship with Steven.
After the corrupt judge’s death, another judge takes up his role, pretending to ally with Fabrizio. However, it is a deception.
Meantime, Steven manages to split the affiliates group, so when Fabrizio loses control of “stage 5”, they start a battle to take control of the organization.
After a tough final battle, Fabrizio defeats Steven, the judge, and the mobster. Later, the police arrest him but do not have enough evidence to put him on trial.
Fabrizio realizes that it is time to take revenge on Seth but when he is about to kill him, he decides to forgive him because he understands that his failures are not only due to the accident he caused.
At the end, when all seems over, Fabrizio has to undergo new medical tests. When he discovers that the cancer is in remission, he is taken by surprise by Seth, who shoots him.

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